Photos By Category--this is a work in progress.  Selected photos will be added to the appropriate category as they are taken.  All photos are suitable for computer wallpaper.



Bees, Bugs, Spiders

Birds of Prey 1

Birds of Prey 2

Birds of Prey 3

Butterflies, Moths, Caterpillars

Butterflies, Moths, Caterpillars2

Dragonflies, Damselflies


Flowers, Plants


Reptiles, Amphibians, Crabs, Other


Smaller Birds 1:  warblers, sparrows, Mockingbirds, Woodpeckers
                                 Blackbirds, Grackles, Hummingbirds, Kingfishers,

Smaller Birds 2: more smaller birds    Smaller Birds 3: more smaller birds

Smaller Birds 4: more smaller birds     Smaller Birds 5: more smaller birds

Water Birds:  Loons, Grebes, Anhingas, Cormorants, Pelicans,
                      Herons, Bitterns, Egrets, Ibises, Spoonbills, Ducks, Swans,
                           Geese, Rails, Gallinules, Moorhens, Coots, Cranes, Limpkins,
                           Sandpipers, peeps and smaller shorebirds, Snipes
                           Stilts, Plovers, Avocets, Gulls, Terns, Skimmers, Frigatebirds &
                           Other Water Birds.